Another education is possible

We have designed an educational model that allows us to cover all the needs that we as families were looking for for our children.

Holistic education

Our project favours the integral development of the child emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and artistically. We will not separate something that is united by nature.


Education on demand

The task of the adult is to follow each of the child’s own interests, accompanying, listening and observing in order to meet the child’s developmental needs.

Montessori Method

We offer the necessary tools and materials so that children can advance in their learning processes, autonomously, following their interests.

Personalised accompaniment

Our reduced ratios allow us to take care of the growth of the school, and to remain a family centre, in order to guarantee personalised attention to each child and their family.


The outdoor spaces are an extension of the classrooms. In our centres there are large areas of countryside and woodland, 11,000m in A Coruña and 4,000m in Madrid.



We are committed to bilingual education and a multicultural environment. We have native and/or bilingual professionals so that the presence of English is natural.

Emotional care

It is the cornerstone of our project.
At Pangea children feel accepted as they are, safe and cared for. 

School-family coherence

The main responsible for the children’s education are the families. There must be coherence between the pedagogical approaches of our project and the families.

Freedom of movement

Our groups are mixed and we have large, well prepared and stimulating spaces, both indoors and outdoors, where children can move freely.

Ecology and sustainability

We incorporate healthy and local products in our food, because we know that what we eat has an impact on us and also on the planet.

The Asambly is a space for participation where each person can freely express their opinions and concerns and seek solutions to problems that affect the functioning of the group.

Through the Assembly, community work is also developed and we build together the school we want.